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Transatlantic Trade Agreement Members

Simply put, we want outcomes to maintain or improve patient safety standards and be affordable for our healthcare systems. Areas that could be affected by the trade agreement include the safety of medical devices and the approval, implementation and publication of clinical trial data. The debate on intellectual property rights/patents and the pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals is not currently „on the table”. A draft TTIP section on sustainable development was forwarded to The Guardian in October 2015. Asked about a comment on the document, a French environmental lawyer described the proposed environmental protection measures as „virtually non-existent” compared to investor protection and that environmental cases accounted for 60% of the 127 ISDS cases already opened against EU countries over the past two decades under bilateral trade agreements, according to Friends of the Earth Europe. [105] According to Joseph E. Stiglitz, TTIP could have a „deterrent” effect on regulation and thus „undermine the urgent climate measures required by the Paris Agreement.” He says industries that don`t bear the „social costs” of pollution receive hidden subsidies and that TTIP would give companies much more opportunities to sue governments for environmental protection mechanisms. [106] TTIP discussions began in 2013, when EU governments mandated the European Commission to negotiate TTIP, after the Irish Presidency of the Council of the EU had led both sides to agree on a starting point for this important trade partnership. The European Union is by far America`s largest international economic partner, with more than $1.5 trillion in goods, services, and income flowing between the United States and the EU each year.

A comprehensive transatlantic trade and investment agreement will eliminate tariffs and non-tariff barriers and improve U.S. compatibility. and EU regulatory systems and the liberalisation of investment, services and public procurement. The Business Coalition for Transatlantic Trade will strengthen the U.S. economy`s interest in the proposed agreement. To join the coalition, visit „The world`s two largest trading partners are ready to begin negotiations for an unprecedented trade agreement that will benefit us all. An agreement BETWEEN the EU and the US offers an unparalleled opportunity to promote the competitiveness, jobs and growth needed in our economies. . . .

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