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Saskatchewan Union Agreements

As a unionized entrepreneur working in Saskatchewan, we encourage you to join our federation and have a voice in the future of our sector. CLR Saskatchewan is the Employee Representative Organization (RSP), which is called upon to represent unionized contractors in various commercial departments in Saskatchewan. We provide services related to collective bargaining with Saskatchewan Building Trades Unions, management and interpretation of collective agreements, arbitration and labour law assistance and various other initiatives of industry stakeholders. In a newly certified bargaining unit, collective bargaining is initiated when either the union or the employer sends written notice to the other party to begin negotiations on a first collective agreement. In some cases, parties involved in negotiating their first collective agreement may face more difficulties than unions and employers with a mature bargaining history. The objectives of the association are to be the representative employer organization on behalf of unionized contractors in various commercial departments, in order to coordinate negotiations with unions or the union council, and to: Section 6-24 of the Saskatchewan Employment Act authorizes the representatives of the negotiator and the employer to engage within 20 days of the adoption of a certification order by the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board to meet. If an initial agreement cannot be reached, either party may seek assistance from the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board. The Board of Directors may then review the circumstances and provide appropriate assistance. Once the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board has considered the application, the Board may request the parties to request that the Minister of Industrial Relations and Safety work to appoint a labour relations representative or special mediator to resolve the dispute and report to the Minister.

It is important to note that the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board administers Part VI of the Saskatchewan Employment Act, including the first process to support collective agreements. All requests for assistance under the first agreement are submitted to the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board. . . .

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