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Ct Voluntary Agreement Form

This form is available on the CT Workers compensation site and must be sent to your employer and the Employee Compensation Commission by registered letter or by hand deposit with proof of receipt. If the employer/insurer agrees to the assessment, a voluntary agreement form is issued. The right remains open and the employer/insurer remains responsible for future medical expenses and other compensation. There are generally two types of voluntary agreements used in workers` compensation cases. The first type is described as a voluntary „judicial” agreement. It recalls the acceptance of the claim. It is consistent with a judgment that the employer is liable for the harm. Both parties sign the agreement and the Commissioner agrees with him. The advantage of this type of voluntary agreement lies in the fact that the employer or his insurance company cannot later refuse the right.

Almost all cases, if accepted, deserve a voluntary agreement of this type. Comparative agreements for the final or partial payment of WC claims are permitted subject to the agreement of the WC manager. If the degree of disability is controversial, the worker and the employer/insurer can either find a compromise or request an informal hearing on the matter. In most cases, claimants receive undisputed PP benefits without the need to represent them. Voluntary agreements benefit the injured worker. In most accepted cases, they are also necessary for workers` compensation. Insurance companies often neglect to prepare a voluntary agreement, allowing them to deny the right at a later date. Our CT Workers` Compensation Lawyers will pursue a voluntary agreement whenever appropriate or necessary to protect your employees` right to compensation. The second type of voluntary agreement applies to a „specific distinction” or a „sustainability bonus”. If a violation results in a permanent loss of functioning of a body part covered by the Workers` Compensation Act, this second type of agreement is used….

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