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Amsa Enterprise Agreement

Opportunities for professional development. As a member of our team, you have the opportunity to take on your career and work with some of the most experienced people in our industry who are committed to improving marine safety. We strive to support your development and we offer different programs that will enable you to do so, including a study assistance program and affiliations to professional organizations. As a Senior Marine Surveyor, you are responsible for providing technical advice on surveying domestic merchant vessels to achieve project and service objectives. You participate in the certification of ships, the audit and verification of surveys carried out by accredited persons in order to monitor compliance with laws, regulations, regulations of the navy and the surveyors` accreditation guide. Australian Maritime Safety Authority (See other jobs of this organization) Diversity and strong values. We have a strong culture and high organizational commitment. We encourage Aborigines and Torres Strait Icelandrn, people with disabilities and people from other different backgrounds. Our values represent how our people define AMSA`s culture and underpin everything we do. The IAM represents marine engineers employed by a large number of employers across Australia. One of the most important tasks of the AIMPE is to assist members, as negotiators, in negotiating company agreements. To the extent possible, the IAM OFFICIAL responsible for a sector or sector will use the support of the delegate(s) during the negotiation process. In particular, in this role, you implement capabilities and services based on the safety risks of domestic merchant ships, based on national standards and international developments in the maritime sector.

You are responsible for preparing detailed submissions, reports and briefings for internal and external stakeholders, including the compliance and implementation arms, government, ministers and the executive of AMSA. The company agreements that AIMPE has negotiated with maritime employers are listed below. Note: Information about our working conditions is included in the AMSA Enterprise Agreement 2016-2019. You will be a natural promoter and influencer, with the ability to connect and connect with a large number of stakeholders. With strong presentation, writing and oral skills, you are technically qualified. Your knowledge and understanding of national and international standards and conventions will be the key to your success. You have experience in project and time management and an ability to work remotely with reduced supervision. Most of the company agreements negotiated by AIMPE are only for engineers. This is the result of AimPE`s policy of negotiating separate agreements.

Separate agreements mean that only engineers can vote on the conditions that apply to engineers. For more information about this role and your contribution to AMSA`s mission, please contact Justin Williams, Principal Surveyor at 07 3001 6826 or 0447 294 951 Recognition and Reward. We offer a reward and recognition program that recognizes and celebrates the contributions and performance of employees and teams throughout AMSA. At the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), we recognise the value of diversity. We encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Icelander applications, people with disabilities and people with other different backgrounds.. . .

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