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Which Of The Following Agreements Represent(S) An Unreasonable Restraint Of Trade

j) A, after b. was commissioned by B to supply B with 1,000 tonnes of iron per tonne on a delivery date of RM100 on a given date, C contracts for the purchase of 1,000 tonnes of iron for RM80 per tonne, and C indicates that it is doing so to honour its contract with B. C has not fulfilled its contract with A. who cannot obtain other irons, and B, therefore, revokes the contract. C must pay A RM20,000, since that is the profit A would have obtained by drawing up his contract with B. a. A. by auction to B, a horse that A knows is not healthy. A says nothing to B about the lack of strength of the horse.

This is not a fraud in A. a) A contracts for the sale and delivery of 50 Salpeter Gantangs to B at a price determined to pay on delivery. Has broken his promise. B has the right to receive from A, if any, a possible amount, the price of the contract below the price for which B could have received 50 gantangs of a similar quality at the time of the delivery of the salted paper. Compensation contracts B against the consequences of a proceeding that can be initiated by C v. B for a certain amount of RM200. It is a compensation contract. Trade restrictions in England and the United Kingdom have been and remain defined as a legal contract between a buyer and seller of a business or between an employer and an employee that prevents the seller or worker from committing a similar business in a given geographical area and within a specified period of time. [Citation required] It intends to protect trade secrets or protected information, but it is applicable only if it is appropriate for the party against which it is collected and if it is not contrary to public policy.

a) A is indebted, among other things, to RM 1,000 on a note by the June 1 deadline. He no longer owes B any debts of this amount. On June 1, A pays B RM1,000. The payment is applicable to the discharge of the change of sola. (i) The estate of one is sold under a written law prohibiting delays from acquiring the estate for the proceeds of the delay. B becomes buyer after agreement with A and agrees to pass on the estate has. I .C to A after receiving the price he paid. The agreement is not valid because it would make the transaction a late purchase, which would nullify the purpose of the law.

155. If the representative himself has an interest in the property that is the subject of the Agency, the Agency cannot, in the absence of an explicit contract, be terminated to the detriment of that interest. 2. A party whose consent was caused by fraud or misrepresentation may, if it deems it appropriate, insist that the contract be executed and put into a situation if the statements made had been true. Exception 2 – Nor can this section make it illegal in writing for any contract in which two or more persons agree to refer to arbitration any matter that has already emerged or to violate any arbitration reference law. b) contracts with B for the cultivation of an indigo crop on land a and delivery to B at a fixed rate, and C guarantees the delivery of A for this contract.

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