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Stripe Agreement

Bones servieos de processamento de pagamento de [account holder z.B. Driver or seller] em [Platform name] seo fornecidos pela Stripe e estéo sujeitos ao Stripe Connected Account Agreement (Contrato de Conta Vinculada da Stripe), que inclui os Stripe Terms of Use (Termos de Serviéo da Stripe, conjuntamente, „Stripe Services Agreement,” Contrato de Serviéos da Stripe). Ao concordar com [this contract / these conditions / etc.] or continuar a operar como [account holder term] em [platform name], vocé aceita o Contrato de Serviéos da Stripe, que pode serado vieux pela Stripe periodicamente. Como condiéo da utilizaéo de serviéos de processamento de pagamento pela [platform name] por meio da Stripe, vocé concorda em fornecer a [plattformname] informa`es precisas e completas sobre vocé e sua empresa e autoriza [plattformname] a compartilhé-las, além das informaées de transaées relacionadas ao seu uso dos serviéos de processamento de pagamentonec foridos. a. Privacy: Stripe only uses user data as is the case, other agreements between you and us or other agreements that you have ordered or authorized by you. You protect all data you receive through the Services and you must not disclose or disseminate that data, and you will only use it in connection with the Services and in accordance with this Agreement or by other agreements between you and us. Neither party may use personal data to market it to customers unless it has received the explicit consent of a particular customer. You cannot disclose payment data to others, except as part of the processing of transactions requested by customers and in accordance with applicable laws and payment rules. We have a legal obligation to provide you at the beginning of our agreement with boxes containing a summary of certain information contained in the agreement and the disclosure of our fees. This information is described in more detail in the contract text and our taxes are also included in the tax regulations. c.

Other services: From time to time, we may offer additional features or services that may be subject to additional or different terms of use. Examples of additional services are Stripe Radar and Stripe Sigma. All of these additional features and services are part of the Services and you can only use these additional services if you accept the agreement or conditions (if any) for these services. The type of service agreement of the connected account determines the functions to which the account has access and the service agreement applicable to users of the platform. We may add or remove payment formula providers and payment forms to acquire at any time. Payment terms and financial services terms may also be changed from time to time. Your continued use of payment settlement services is your consent and consent to these additions, distances and changes. d. data transfers. We may share your personal data (as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)) with our affiliates or to third parties in countries where laws relating to the collection, use and disclosure of personal data are less stringent or less protective than Australia. If you enter into this agreement, you agree to the disclosure of your personal data abroad and the Australian Data Protection Principle 8.1 (as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)) does not apply to such disclosure. This request for a levy and the service agreement explain what your obligations are in carrying out a collection agreement with us.

It also describes what our obligations are to you as your debit provider. Please keep this agreement for future references. If you have a complaint with the payment services we offer, please contact [email protected] For more information on our Complaints Directive, click here.

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